6 top tips for selecting the best LED lighting for the home

John Cullen Lighting now feature a room set by Talisman in their showroom featuring our bespoke furniture and as part of this collaboration, we asked their Creative Director Sally Storey to share her tips on selecting the best LED lighting for the home.

 by Sally Storey, Creative Director at John Cullen Lighting

LED lighting has improved dramatically over the last few years – both in terms of efficiency and the quality of light they provide.  The smaller size of fittings and the flexibility of strips mean that that LED lighting can be introduced just about anywhere in the home.  As LED light sources last so much longer than ever before, it is important that you create the best lighting design scheme as well as select the best LED products.

Here are my top six tips to look out for when selecting LEDS;

Colour of light

Look for LED lights which have a ‘colour temperature’ of around 2700K (an attractive warm white light) which will give a wonderful warm colour at night and the harsh white we have come to expect form LEDs.  For an even warmer effect, I now choose our 2400K Contour LED strip in shelving where a more cosy effect is required.

Colour rendition

Choose LED lights which have a high CRI (Colour Rendition Index) of at least 90 to ensure they do not distort colours. Cheaper LED lights tend not to pick up on red shades very well. Good CRI is between 80 and 90, superior is 90 plus.

Colour Consistency

White LEDs vary in colour which is particularly visible when you have a run of lights such as under kitchen cabinets, on a stairs or up lighting a wall.  The best LEDs will be batched together from the same bin when they are sent out to ensure the colour variation is not perceivable to the naked eye.

Heat Management

It is a myth that LEDs do not produce heat.  LEDs need quality thermal management to dissipate heat in order to maintain colour consistency, lumen output and expected lamp life.


It is essential to plan how to control your LED lighting from the outset. Make sure your LEDs are dimmable, and be aware some have different installation requirements – so always check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Dimmers are essential to being able to change the mood of a room easily. To allow for simpler installation, John Cullen Lighting now offer a mains voltage driver for use with all their down, up and floor washers.

Employ a lighting designer

LEDs can last a lifetime, so avoid making mistakes by employing a lighting designer.  A simple room can be designed by a John Cullen Lighting designer from £85 an hour.

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