A Burr and Chrome Paul Evans Cityscape Extendable Dining Table 1970s


A Paul Evans (1931-1987) designed Burr and Chrome Extendable Dining Table/Desk produced for Directional 1970s. Part of his Chrome 200 series most commonly known as the Cityscape Collection, a series that ran from 1971 to 1981, this table is a fine example of the combination of classic chrome plated steel against the rich burr veneer panels. The table can comfortably seat 10 people but this can be increased to approximately 14 people. The full breakdown of the tables dimensions are listed beneath: Width: 300.5cm (118.3 in) [Width not extended 244.5cm (96.26 in)] Interior width when not extended 112cm (44 in)- increases to 168cm (66.14 in) Height: 75.0cm (29.5 in) [Height to underside of table top 65cm (25.6 in)] Depth: 112.0cm (44.1 in)

Width: 300.5cm
Height: 75cm
Depth: 112cm