Talisman Building

The magnificent Talisman building dates back to 1939 and therefore postdates the Art Deco period breaking into modernism. Its sleek lines have dumped any embellishment of the Art Deco.

Ken Bolan bought the building in 2006, at which time it was due for demolition. He then had a 10-month battle to have the demolition permission rescinded and embarked on the building restoration. His whole idea was to be truthful to the original design. It took a further 10 months to complete the restoration and upgrade the facilities. He even found the original drawings for the entrance gates in the public records office and had them recreated by a West Country blacksmith.

Today the building is much admired and photographed. It has become once again a landmark building. Even being used by the London Black Cab Authorities as part of The Knowledge that all of the cabbies need to learn.